Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finally, a GO WOW paddling blog/journal to communicate with all you awesome GO WOW'ERS! Setting it up is very time consuming so I apologize for the delay!  There are so many different ways to keep in touch nowadays that it can be beyond overwhelming. Everyone is super busy and sometimes it's tough to carve out time just to "visit". That's what I love about paddling. Time slows down and gives you a chance to just breathe. You can actually VISIT with your paddling buddy and talk about whatever....LIFE....or nothing at all and just choose to float in comfortable silence, drinking in all that the outdoors has to offer, the sun on your face, the breeze in your hair, the soft lapping of the water on your boat, and of course, the occasional wildlife that we as paddlers have the joy of experiencing. My hope for this paddling journal is that it will further connect us as a group, beyond Facebook and be somewhat of a record of places you may want to paddle and general thoughts on paddling from a woman's unique perspective. It's a step further than the quick posts of FB, a quick glimpse of what's going on with me and the group...another place to really feed our obsession about paddling! LOL. I believe there are much worse obsessions or addictions for sure so I don't apologize for being addicted to paddling. Let's see, we get FRESH AIR, AWESOME EXERCISE that doesn't feel like exercise, healthy time spent with friends, making new friends, and the list of benefits just goes has proven (check out the book "Your Brain on Nature") that just being in nature sets off a series of biological reactions in your body that is HEALING, and RESTORATIVE and makes you SMARTER. So no, I will not be apologizing for this addiction!  We all are addicted to something, so why not make it paddling?

This opportunity to share with you is SO cool, I can share with you and not have to worry about the "audience" so much as when I am writing for a specific magazine, this is much more personal, kind of like the letters we used to write, remember those? I have boxes of letters my BFF and I wrote in Jr. High (now called Middle School)...did you guys do that too and fold them into little football shapes? Well, this journal will be my letters to you. I hope you enjoy it. Please don't hesitate to leave (positive) comments (i.e., write me back!)  so I'll know you've been here and that I should keep up the journal. You ladies are amazing and I am so thankful for you all, the response to GO WOW has been overwhelmingly positive, thank you.


  1. name is Sherry and I am a paddling addict. How cool is this? I think this blog is a great addition to an already AWESOME GO WOW experience. Ever since I moved to this area in 2008 I always wondered why there wasn't a womens paddling club in this area. We have such beautiful resources right at our fingertips and it even gets better as you venture out a little. I still remember the first time I was made aware of GO WOW.. I almost fell out of my chair with excitement. I have so much to learn but I've thoroughly enjoyed every function I've participated in and so look forward to many more adventures with the group. There's no place I feel more relaxed than paddling my yak and absorbing every bit I can from my surroundings. Thanks sooooo much Jo (and Chris) for providing such a SAFE and FUN environment in which to feed my addiction. YES, I am a paddling addict and NO I am not apologizing either!

    "I'd ALWAYS Rather Be Paddling"

    Sherry Roy

  2. Welcome Sherry to the female paddler addicts haven! LOL! Thank you for your comment, I am so glad you are a part of GO WOW, you are a joy to paddle with and I look forward to many more adventures together on the water! This summer was all a "test drive" and wow what a drive it's been! There will be more to come in the future for GO WOW, this has been just the beginning.